Does the website make the company, or vice-versa?

This is a trick question – because no matter how popular or essential your product/service is, having a polished website is absolutely crucial in the High-Tech Age.  For example, let’s assume Q-Tips were invented in the 21st century.  There’s no doubt people would see the immediate benefit — but if the Q-Tip website looked like something an 8th-grader designed during “Intro to HTML” class, a consumer may think there’s something wrong with/deceptive about the product, and seek an alternative.  On a similar tack, if you’re one of 50 luggage retailers in your city, you can bet that without a polished, informative website that differentiates you from your 49 competitors, you’ll quickly find yourself swimming upstream.  iima productions knows how to create effective, attractive websites that position your products and services in the best possible light.  We’re also highly proficient at developing multimedia pieces (videos, animations, etc.) that target specific customer segments for the purpose of earning you more business.

  • Web Basic
  • $99999
  • 1 Page
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • Developer & Design Consultation
  • 3 Email Addresses
  • Domain Registration
  • Social Media Links
  • Photo Gallery
  • Add-on Features Available
  • Web Pro
  • $349999
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Everything from Basic, plus:
  • Customized WordPress Template
  • Site Editor & Administration
  • Integrated Blog
  • Contact Form
  • Fully Responsive
  • Google Analytics: $199
  • Basic SEO Setup: $299
  • Web Pro PLUS
  • $499999
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Everything to the left, plus:
  • 5 Years Free Hosting
  • Completely custom design
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 2 hours website training
  • Quarterly Performance Review


Website PRO Hosting & Maintenance

For added peace-of-mind, we offer an all-in-one package solution that addresses your most common web maintenance needs. This package offers:

  • Website hosting
  • 30 minutes of phone or live support each month
  • Ongoing WordPress and theme updates
  • Regularly scheduled monthly or weekly backups
  • Quick Restore

  • Website hosting
    Our stand-alone website hosting package, normally $99/year, is included with the Website Pro Hosting & Maintenance package. Web Hosting provides the space for your website files to “live.” Your website lives on a secure remote server and, when a visitor types in your domain name (ie: your website address) in their address bar, the hosting server brings up your website files for them to see. Regardless of whether you choose iima to host your website for you, you will need a hosting provider in order for your website to be accessible online.
  • 30 minutes of phone or live support each month
    Need us to answer a quick question about how to do something on your site? Is something beyond your technical knowledge and you just need a web expert to execute a change for you?  Perhaps you have a page that you want some special formatting or graphics to appear on. Use your 30 minutes at your discretion.
  • Ongoing WordPress and theme updates
    WordPress updates their core files several times each year. WP updates are usually released to fix a bug or security issue with the previous version. However, there is a chance that as coding languages change over the years (PHP, for example), your old WordPress and theme files might not work properly when that happens. Performing haphazard upgrades is not recommended without ensuring compatibility between your site’s theme, plugins and the core WP files and you should not install any updates without having first performed a full site backup. With Website PRO Hosting & Maintenance, iima will keep both your WordPress install updated with major releases, update your theme files and test compatibility before any updates are performed. A full site backup will be performed before any updates are installed.
  • Regularly scheduled monthly or weekly backups
    Your site – and all it’s most recent changes – will be scheduled to backup automatically at an interval of your choosing. Update your site a lot with new content? Ask for weekly backups. Not making many changes? Once a month should do it. These backups help facilitate our last feature:
  • Quick Restore
    If you inadvertently break your site, Quick Restore assures you that your site will be restored (from your most recent backup, if necessary) and fully functional again within 48 hours free of charge (Website PRO Hosting & Maintenance Quick Restore includes one full restore every 3 months. Please don’t break your site once/month!). Quick Restore cost without Website PRO Hosting plan: $300.

  • Stand-alone website hosting
    When you choose iima to host your website, your 1st year of hosting is free!* After that, stand-alone hosting is $99/year.iima will perform ONE full site backup (database, WordPress files, site files) at the time you approve your completed website. If your site should break, we can restore your site to it’s original working condition. Note that any content updates you performed after you gained login access to your site will be lost as we’re restoring from Day 1. Standard hourly rates will apply. *Only available with iima’s website design service
  • Website Pro Hosting & Maintenance Package
    $99/month, 1 year PRO agreement required.


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