You’ve done your research, talked to your customers and finally made the choice – your business needs to hop on the social media marketing train this year. After all, over 1/4 of the world’s population are active on social media – why not try to win some new customers?

At first, you think you know all about Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn/________ and believe social media marketing is going to be a fun, easy gravy train of new sales leads. I mean, you’ve been using it for years to upload photos and talk with your friends, so how hard can it be using social media for business? You decide your first step is to create a page for your business. After filling out all the contact info and uploading some pics, you realize that no one’s going to see your content unless people “like” your page. Now you’re asking yourself:

How do I get people to “like” my page?
How do I create a cover photo/profile image to make my page look AWESOME?
How often should I be posting, and what should I say?
Should I try to sell stuff directly on my page?
Should I share posts from others?
Do I need a blog?
What happens when a customer clicks on a link to my website?

After about a month of random posts, you start to feel overwhelmed and think that spending your time on social media marketing has been a waste. Besides, you have 150 other things that need to get done in your business, so you let your newly created social profile go on the back-burner and lose faith in the alluring promise of what social media marketing was supposed to be.

Truth is, it takes time – a LOT of it – to properly […]