Led by Founder and “Head Honcho” Shirell Mollo, the iima team is an experienced, creative, agile, friendly, forward-thinking group of marketing and design-savvy professionals.  Handpicked by Shirell for their professional aptitude, vibrant personalities and ability to play well with others, each team member is not only an expert at his or her particular discipline, but also possesses the requisite flexibility necessary to present ideas to clients, be receptive to feedback (both positive and negative), and refine a proposed strategy until it shines.

Shirelliima head honcho, Founder & President
 Shirell isn’t shy about professing her love for fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn – just check out her office.  A self-proclaimed movie nut, she has a movie quote for every situation. It’s ironic then that Shirell once spent eight straight hours reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from cover to cover.  No word on whether she had popcorn with that.

 Quote: “Give me Audrey or give me death!”  

Marioiima bean counter, Vice President of Finance
 As you might expect from someone whose best friends are a calculator and an abacus, Mario is meticulous, borderline OCD and can often be heard mumbling about P&Ls, W-2s and SOWs.  Mario is also an unabashed sports junkie who’s up for watching anything in which keeping score is involved.

 Quote:  “Did you catch the Scandinavian Rock-Skipping Quarterfinals on ESPN 8 (“The Ocho”) last night?  It…was…AWESOME!”


Lorraineiima strategist, Marketing Director/Graphic Designer
 When Lorraine isn’t reading her newest marketing book, she can be found doing one of four things: fishing, snowmobiling, micro-brew tasting or watching Star Trek. She’s the proud owner of both a chihuahua and a doberman. In 2013, Lorraine starred in a FOX reality show with a controversial premise. On the job, an eclectic mix of rock, Yanni and electronic music keeps her motivated every day.

Quote: “When someone starts asking too many questions, just say ‘…because of SEO.’”  


Jackieiima people person, Project Manager
 An Italian gal born and raised in Chicago, Jackie loves to travel.  Not just to see new sights, but because it’s the only way she can escape from her extended family, which numbers in the high 70s. A mom to three teenage boys, Jackie somehow finds time to read 2-3 books a month, a balancing act which landed her a spot on Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

Quote: “Yes, I’m Italian.  Yes, I dig country music.  Fuhgedaboudit.”  


Brianiima word masseur, Copywriter
 When Brian isn’t writing, he’s reading, playing a much distorted guitar, or taking pictures of anything he deems interesting – people, animals, buildings, dust clouds, etc.  Possessed of an unhealthy obsession with heavy metal, Brian once pulled a neck muscle while banging his head at a Metallica concert.

Quote:  “How dare you interrupt me during my “Megadeth time”!?”