Without competent execution and a reason for being, a pretty picture is just that – a pretty picture.

Sometimes designers can spend too much time designing and not enough time listening.  At iima productions, our design team isn’t here to waste your time.  We don’t subscribe to the theory of “let’s throw a bunch of pretty stuff against a wall and see what sticks.”  On the contrary, design is involved in every marketing strategy from the outset.  Only when we’re confident that we’ve gleaned as much as we can about the client’s business and objectives do we begin developing the requisite collateral.  This way, whether it’s a web design, promotional piece, flyer, or something really cool we haven’t thought of yet, you can rest assured that the work we produce is geared to do two things and two things only: support your product or service, and help generate sales.

Project Price
Logo Creation/Design $500
Business Cards $350
Brochure/Flyer $300-$600
Social Media Cover Image $200
Book Cover Design $550