4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Company’s Website

Imagine you’re in the market for a new set of tires. You perform a Google search for “affordable tires Jeep Wrangler.” As you browse through Google’s search results, you click on a vendor you think has what you need (at an amazing discount, no doubt). Upon arriving on their site, you spend the next five minutes of your life trying to figure out if they even sell tires for your make and model of car, only to realize they don’t. After much frustration and wasted time, you leave their site and head back to Google for a fresh search – disappointed and no closer to reaching your initial goal.

We’ve all been there. Business websites can be a pain to navigate. They waste time, they leave a negative impression about the brand, and they aren’t helping that business reach their revenue goals. So think for a minute – when a visitor lands on YOUR company’s site, are THEY finding what they’re looking for?

Read through the following four questions, review the examples and really ask yourself whether your website is performing as well as it could be.

1. What is the primary GOAL of your website?
Lead generation? Brand awareness? Direct online sales or online fundraising? To provide news, information and entertainment to site visitors? If you’re unclear about what your site is there to do, chances are your site visitors are, too. Make a decision on what you want from your website. Many B2B companies rely on inbound leads, so they’d want to focus on optimizing their site for a lead generation strategy. Direct B2C businesses might want to sell their products online, in which case they need to ensure that they’re providing visitors with an […]

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