3 Business Lessons I Learned From Reality TV

Please note: I am well aware that most of you in the business world may think I am crazy for my next statement.

I love watching reality TV. If I admitted that in the world of business networking, I’d say I would actually be laughed right out of the room. But I do, I love ‘em.

Let me clarify: I haven’t invested any time into watching The Kardashian’s. However, I do pay particular interest to the shows that focus on bringing in ‘the expert’ to help a failing business, particularly, Kitchen Nightmares, Bar Rescue and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. I know they seem over the top, and maybe they are. But once you peel back the ‘fluff,’ the professionals on these shows have insightful lessons I learned from reality TV that you can use to make your business better. There are three key takeaways:
3 Business Lessons I Learned from Reality TV

Every industry should make it a priority to research their target audience, carefully select their business location and then develop their branding.

In Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer always begins every episode by researching the neighborhood and the people in the area (after he goes in and yells at the stupidity of the owner). He always ends the show with a makeover for the bar. The makeover isn’t just one that makes the bar look pretty — it’s actually a complete rebranding. Think about it this way: would you put an upscale 5-star restaurant in the middle of a college campus strip mall? Put your entrepreneur hat on and think about what your customers would want.

A business should hire employees for the skills that they bring to the business  and NOT because they’re friends or family.
In Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsey repeatedly has […]

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What Is Branding? Designing Your Company Brand

Launching and owning a business is hard (Read: Starting a Business Is Hard). The list of items to complete, at times, seem insurmountable; file for a license, secure a domain name, and find funding are just a few items on the list. The one ‘to do’ that is so often missing from the list is to create and design your company brand, also known as your company identity.

Your brand correlates to how you want your company to be perceived by others. When a customer sees your logo, what do you want them to think and/or feel? When they visit your Facebook page, what is one takeaway you want them to have? Your brand is related to everything you do as it pertains to your company.
Your company brand, design, and culture is not just one thing — it’s everything.
No matter the age of your company, it’s never too late to create a brand that will make you proud. These four steps will start you on the right path to branding success.

Figure out who you are – Define your company brand. Your products and/or services have been determined and hopefully you have created a plan on how to deliver the goods. But before you begin selling and promoting your company — even before you begin designing your logo — determine your own corporate identity. This is the basis for everything that follows. Start by asking yourself these questions:

Will your office have a formal, corporate atmosphere or will it be more relaxed? If you will have employees, what is your intended dress code?
Do you want a fun, vibrant feel or one that’s more structured and contained? Think about the difference between the Google and Microsoft brands. Which […]

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