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Lorraine is a Bradley University Alum with a double major in Advertising and Multimedia and a minor in Graphic Design. She brings a fresh, strategic perspective to the iima team along with a host of proven marketing experience including branding, publicity, SEO, website design & development, online marketing, social media, advertising design, and copywriting.

Why Your Business Needs to Blog

“Blog or die.” It’s that simple.
In preparing to write this particular blog, I researched what other content marketing gurus have written about the importance of blogging. A quick Google search turns up dozens of reasons why your business needs to blog: SEO perks, thought leadership, content marketing being “trendy,” trust-building, social sharing, and a ton of other reasons.

The one problem with these overly-thorough “top 10” lists about the importance of blogging is that they’re written from a marketer’s perspective and NOT by a small business owner. If I throw a bunch of marketing jargon at you (SEO, conversion rate, publishing schedule, repurposing content for multiple platforms) without explaining myself, that knowledge is lost on most non-industry professionals. That doesn’t mean you need to brush up on your marketing lingo – you don’t. That’d be like an electrical engineer telling me, a marketing professional, that I should know what ESR stands for (Electrical Series Resistance, FYI). It’s your job to run your business and it’s ours to help you earn more revenue from doing what you do best.
Let me break it down in “normal guy” terms. Your business needs to BLOG because:

What else are you doing to sell or market your business?
Are you spending money on yellow page ads? Radio commercials? Brochures? Networking events? Facebook (and by spending money on Facebook, I mean spending oodles of TIME on Facebook). What do you hope to gain from your investment? Most businesses want to do one of two things:

Generate a sales call
Drive traffic to their website

Chances are these prospects aren’t just going to get a pamphlet and call you up to buy something. They may call to ask questions or setup a consultation, but unless you’re selling […]

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

You’ve done your research, talked to your customers and finally made the choice – your business needs to hop on the social media marketing train this year. After all, over 1/4 of the world’s population are active on social media – why not try to win some new customers?

At first, you think you know all about Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn/________ and believe social media marketing is going to be a fun, easy gravy train of new sales leads. I mean, you’ve been using it for years to upload photos and talk with your friends, so how hard can it be using social media for business? You decide your first step is to create a page for your business. After filling out all the contact info and uploading some pics, you realize that no one’s going to see your content unless people “like” your page. Now you’re asking yourself:

How do I get people to “like” my page?
How do I create a cover photo/profile image to make my page look AWESOME?
How often should I be posting, and what should I say?
Should I try to sell stuff directly on my page?
Should I share posts from others?
Do I need a blog?
What happens when a customer clicks on a link to my website?

After about a month of random posts, you start to feel overwhelmed and think that spending your time on social media marketing has been a waste. Besides, you have 150 other things that need to get done in your business, so you let your newly created social profile go on the back-burner and lose faith in the alluring promise of what social media marketing was supposed to be.

Truth is, it takes time – a LOT of it – to properly […]

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Company’s Website

Imagine you’re in the market for a new set of tires. You perform a Google search for “affordable tires Jeep Wrangler.” As you browse through Google’s search results, you click on a vendor you think has what you need (at an amazing discount, no doubt). Upon arriving on their site, you spend the next five minutes of your life trying to figure out if they even sell tires for your make and model of car, only to realize they don’t. After much frustration and wasted time, you leave their site and head back to Google for a fresh search – disappointed and no closer to reaching your initial goal.

We’ve all been there. Business websites can be a pain to navigate. They waste time, they leave a negative impression about the brand, and they aren’t helping that business reach their revenue goals. So think for a minute – when a visitor lands on YOUR company’s site, are THEY finding what they’re looking for?

Read through the following four questions, review the examples and really ask yourself whether your website is performing as well as it could be.

1. What is the primary GOAL of your website?
Lead generation? Brand awareness? Direct online sales or online fundraising? To provide news, information and entertainment to site visitors? If you’re unclear about what your site is there to do, chances are your site visitors are, too. Make a decision on what you want from your website. Many B2B companies rely on inbound leads, so they’d want to focus on optimizing their site for a lead generation strategy. Direct B2C businesses might want to sell their products online, in which case they need to ensure that they’re providing visitors with an […]

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